First full trailer for Oats Volume 1 brings the weird shit

Neill Blomkamp has been a busy beaver over the last two years setting up his own movie studio, Oats Studios, which is dedicated to creating short films in the realm of horror, sci-fi and fantasy. We now have the first full trailer for the first volume of shorts, and needless to say it all looks absolutely bonkers, showing off plenty of creatures, dead folks and odd gadgets. I would explain more, but I feel I would fail at doing it any justice. Just watch below!

Filled with blood, aliens, monsters and Sigourney Weaver, this first volume of shorts is shaping up to be something the midnight movie crowd will eat up in buckets. It’s hard to get a read on what individual short is all about, but I think the gist is they’re all weird as shit, which is enough to sell me. Blomkamp's recent efforts haven't fascinated me the same way DISTRICT 9 did, but that movie was based on a short he did before expanding it to feature length, so who knows, maybe something in here will be worthy enough to become the next DISTRICT 9. Or it will all just be weird as shit.

OATS VOLUME 1 will stream soon on YouTube and Steam.



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