First full trailer for The Expendables 2 explodes online

The '80's action kings are back in the first full trailer for THE EXPENDABLES 2!  The gang's all here, plus a few new additions, dealing out explosions, one-liners, bad accents, hokey dialogue, machine-gun fire, and a few walking-in-slow-motion scenes.

I won't keep you.  Enjoy:

This looks pretty damn fun and a lot more polished than the last outing, which is likely due to director Simon West's "music video" style.  I think it's a good fit and allows Stallone to focus on his character and handlebar moustache more. 

The PG-13/R-rating controversy is still raging for the film, but I can say that it looks promising either way.  We'd all prefer buckets of blood, I think, but if nothing else the film should be a damn hoot. 

We'll find out if our aging action stars can still deliver the goods when THE EXPENDABLES 2 opens fire on audiencies on August 17, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: Stallone vs. Van Damme? Nice! Helicopter kick? Check! All is well in the world...
Source: IGN



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