First image from the Veronica Mars movie featuring Kristen Bell

Veronica Mars

I've never understood the love for Veronica Mars. I don't think it's a bad show but from the handful of episodes I have seen I also don't think it was one of the greatest shows ever. The television series and the upcoming movie may not be appealing to me but I do know how rabid the show's fan base is so I'm sure this first behind the scenes image of Kristen Bell from Entertainment Weekly is going to excite some people, even if it is just a picture of the actress standing around. Although if Bell was wearing less clothes I bet a hell of a lot more people would be excited.

Veronica Mars movie image

Filming for VERONICA MARS started earlier this month with a budget of $5.7 million (thanks to Kickstarter of course) with creator Rob Thomas directing the film. Although there still aren't that many details about the plot for VERONICA MARS Thomas and Kristen Bell spilled some information a few months back about what to expect from the film and if people that haven't seen the television show will be able to jump right into the film. I have no personal investment in VERONICA MARS so it won't bother me if it crash and burns or if the film turns out to be meh but I hope the fans of the show do get a film that they believe is a worthy follow-up to the series.

VERONICA MARS with Kristen Bell, Enrico Colantoni, Jason Dohring, Percy Daggs III, Chris Lowell and Ken Marino should be in theaters sometime in 2014.

Extra Tidbit: Should I give the show another chance? Is it really that good?
Source: EW



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