First images from the teen spy pic Barely Lethal with Hailee Steinfeld and Samuel L. Jackson

Kind of like a mix between MEAN GIRLS and HANNA, the new action comedy BARELY LETHAL (from FANBOYS director Kyle Newman), starring Hailee Steinfeld as "a teen trained to be a ­government agent" who decides to live a normal life by going to high school, but naturally can't avoid the perils that come with being a spy.  Samuel L. Jackson plays her mentor/trainer, named Hardman (natch!) and a few hotties are in the mix, including Jessica Alba, Jaime King, and Sophie Turner. Today, EW debuted a few pics from the flick, which "sounds" like it could be fun, but without a proper trailer it's hard to gauge.

Take a look:

Here's the synopsis:

A 16-year-old international assassin yearning for a "normal" adolescence fakes her own death and enrolls as a senior in a suburban high school. She quickly learns that being popular can be more painful than getting water-boarded.

Steinfeld is coming off of ENDER'S GAME, which wasn't quite the smash hit that many anticipated. However, the movie didn't hinge on her to begin with and BARELY LETHAL sounds like a project befitting of her age and stature in the market right now, so it could very well be a breakout hit for the young star. Jackson and the rest are just doing their thing here, although this is the first mainstream role for Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner, so I'm interested to see how she does, even as just a supporting character.

BARELY LETHAL is set for release in fall 2014



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