First Jumanji trailer welcomes you to the most insane jungle ever

Ever since JUMNAJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE was announced fans of the original have been curious about whether or not it will follow the same format as the original classic – which involved the dangers of the jungle coming out of a board game. The first trailer is here, and it spends a frantic two minutes showcasing broad comedy, crazy CGI animals, lots of punching and kicking and, naturally, the People's Eyebrow. So, no, it won't follow the same format at all. Board games are sooo 1995.

And the even better international trailer!

Anyone hoping to get a better look at the jungle environment that Robin Williams was trapped in for all those years will likely have to wait for the next trailer, as this one focuses more on the comedy angle than the jungle action. This movie is going to have to overcome a lot, mostly people comparing it to the 1995 original, which as of this time is nothing but a losing battle for WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. But as its own movie it looks like a fun time, and the cast appears natural in their banter-heavy dynamic. There's action, laughs, CGI animals messing crap up and Karen Gillan looking so...goddamn badass. Right there is worth the price of admission.

JUMANJl: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Gillan arrives December this Christmas.

Source: Sony/Columbia



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