Lizzie trailer teases an intense, erotic & bloody psychological drama

In 1892 a young woman named Lizzie Borden was accused (never convicted) of killing her father and stepmother with an ax, which in time has become one of the most infamous murders in American history. Chloë Sevigny plays the titular character in the searing new drama LIZZIE, which takes a dramatic look at Borden and the moments that led up to the deadly event, including her love affair with the family servant, Bridget (Kristen Stewart). The first trailer for the movie is here and it teases an incredibly intense psychological drama that richly examines the center character with gripping work from the leading ladies.

The film depicts Lizzie as a social outcast living under the control of her abusive father, Andrew Borden (Jamey Sheridan), who sexually assaults Bridget. Soon, the two women develop a relationship, which eventually leads to the dark conclusion that would find its way into the history books.

Written by Bryce Kass and directed by Craig William Macneill, the movie debuted at Sundance in January to solid reviews, and it will be distributed by Roadside Attractions and Saban Films on September 14. 



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