First Look: Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man!

Not sure exactly why they're releasing it now (probably because they're about to begin filming costumed scenes in public and better to get a jump on the paparazzi) but Sony has released the first shot of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man.

The costume is different from the Sam Raimi version while remaining true to the classic design. The biggest change seems to be in the gloves, which have more of a homemade feel than gloves as part of the costume. The material also has a different texture to it, avoiding the "fish scale" look made popular in Tobey Maguire's costume. This looks more...mesh (though if you look closely there is still some of that honeycomb design).

Speaking of looking closely, if you zoom into the hi-res version, you can see what appears to be artificial web-shooters on Spider-Man's wrists. This would mark a return to the classic comic character who didn't have organic web-shooters as a result of the radioactive spider bite but instead built them, creating the web fluid in a lab.

As for Garfield, he looks a lot more Peter Parker than I thought he might. I was worried his solid portrayal of a college student in THE SOCIAL NETWORK might make it harder for audiences to believe him as a geeky high schooler, but it works. Will be curious to see how he got those slashes across his face and chest (three slashes...from a lizard, perhaps?).

So what do you think of the costume, of Garfield and of Garfield in the costume?

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Source: JoBlo.com



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