Alpha 5 is here to serve you in new Power Rangers image

It’s getting to be that time where whatever mysteries surrounding the new POWER RANGERS movie will be unveiled, with new visuals of characters and costumes finding their way out of the shadows. Not too long ago we got a glimpse at Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) in all her green glory, and now it’s time to get a look at another, albeit slightly less sexy, character—Alpha 5. The small robot assistant (set to be voiced by Bill Hader) makes his first appearance here and looks exactly how a robot assistant should look like, featuring some red hues, and a head from one of those robot/alien snakes in WAR OF THE WORLDS.

Take a look!

If you go back and look at the character from the TV show you will realize how different this new version is. Here the bot has distinctly alien features blended in with the mechanics, whereas the old version looked like a fancy garbage can. It just goes to show how different this movie will be from any other iteration of the heroes we’ve seen, which time will only tell is a good thing. But it probably is.

The Rangers arrive March 24.

Source: IGN



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