First look at Anna Kendrick as Nicole Claus!

So Anna Kendrick is playing Santa Claus' daughter Nicole Claus in the upcoming Disney family film NICOLE. In the film, Santas Claus decides to retire, and when her brother gets cold feet, Nicole has to step up and take over for Santa. I'm assuming she has a life she'd rather have, and that she'll struggle with the responsibilities that comes with being Santa, learn that family comes first, accept her destiny, etc., etc. Not saying there's anything wrong with formula, and I'm actually kind of curious how the film will turn out (or, really, I'll give anything with Anna Kendrick a chance).

Anyway, here's our first look at Kendrick in costume as the eponymous Nicole:


It begins..... N O E L L E 🎥🎄

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Less red than I expected, but there's a possibility this is her outfit before she goes full-on Santa. I wonder if she'll grow a beard and wear a fat suit like Tim Allen in SANTA CLAUS? I know somebody who'd be into it.

Meanwhile, NICOLE will fly into theaters November 8th, 2019.

Extra Tidbit: I still wish they'd follow through on a SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS remake.
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