First look at Sacha Baron Cohen in costume as The Dictator

He's done Ali G, Borat and Bruno films, so now it's time for Sacha Baron Cohen to begininventing NEW ridiculous characters for future projects. And he's definitely outdone himself this time.

Below you'll find the first shot of Cohen in costume for THE DICTATOR, his new film inspired by a book written by Saddam Hussein. In the film, a dictator is secretly replaced by a goat herder lookalike so he can travel to New York where he falls for a beautiful fruit vendor. That role will go to Anna Faris, while Cohen will be playing both the dictator and the goat herder.

The original Hussein book, "Zabibah and the King," is about a king who falls for a young woman brutalized by her husband. It's a not so subtle allegory about Hussein, the Iraqi people, and America, and this film seems to be a rough satire of that concept.

Check out Cohen in costume below, I like the vertically symmetrical hair he's got going on.

Extra Tidbit: I haven't heard his accent, and I find this hilarious already.
Source: JoBlo.com



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