First look at the cast of Marvel's Hulu teen superhero series The Runaways

Now, while I never read Marvel's THE RUNAWAYS comics, I've definitely heard of it. Essentially, the concept is that a group of children of some Marvel supervillains must band together to fight off their parents and become heroes in the process. Which is pretty cool in the sense that it creates an interesting dynamic with them and the rest of the world - if their parents love them, but they're supervillains, where do their allegiances really lie? And how hard is to be seen as heroes once your parentage is revealed?

Anyway, here's the cast in all their glory, posing for the upcoming Hulu series. Let's take a look:

Damn! Looks pretty comic accurate, which isn't always the case with these things. Also, I was made aware of there being a fucking velociraptor is on the team. I mean, yeah, metatextual references to "velociraptor emojis" in the tweet is cute and all, but that dinosaur better freakin' show up!

Meanwhile, THE RUNAWAYS will run to premiere on Hulu sometime in 2018.

Extra Tidbit: Now, where's our THUNDERBOLTS series?
Source: Twitter



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