First look at the new Scream mask from the MTV series; Wes Craven approves

MTV is getting ready to debut their new series based on Wes Craven's SCREAM franchise and Entertainment Weekly has shared the first look at the new killer's mask. The new ghostface is a completely different design from the one featured in the four feature films which was an intentional decision to separate the new show from that continuity.

Executive producer Jill Blotevogel did say that the new mask is designed as a homage to both Michael Myers from HALLOWEEN and Jason Voorhees from FRIDAY THE 13TH. Consider it a mash-up of their looks but with a slight twist. Most importantly, the new mask comes with the seal of approval from Wes Craven himself. He had this to say about the new mask.

“The new mask is cool and scary and takes the series into a new direction. It also ties into the story, which I won’t give away.”

The new SCREAM aims to be an homage to horror as well as the original series while also mixing in soapy elements typical in other MTV shows like Teen Wolf. Whether it works or not remains to be seen. We will all be able to find out when SCREAM debuts on June 30th.



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