First look at X-Files' new season finds little green men & Scully in trouble

The X-Files

Even though the much-anticipated return of The X-Files last year didn't quite live up to my expectations, I'm still hugely excited for the opportunity to hang out with Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) for more paranormal adventures, and, as the upcoming season will consist of ten-episodes, four more than the last season, I'm hoping that the extra breathing room will benefit the stories. Entertainment Weekly has the first look at The X-Files' new season, which somehow finds Scully in the hospital while Mulder, who was at death's door during last season's finale, is looking remarkably alive.

The X-Files' creator Chris Carter wouldn't elaborate on what's going on, only to tease that "Obviously something unexpected has happened." This reversal of fortunes was apparently planned long before last season's cliffhanger was crafted. "Everything is by design," said Carter. Sure it is. After the previous season began with Mulder and Scully further apart than ever, Chris Carter says that they will be drawn closer together this year, giving fans who are rooting for the pair to patch things up "something to look forward to." The search for Mulder and Scully's son, William, who was given up for adoption fifteen years ago, will be a big part of the upcoming season, with Carter saying that "William has been an absent center," but that he "will come to the fore."

It wouldn't be The X-Files without a few little green men, monsters of the week, and a complicated conspiracy, and the new season will be giving us all of that and more. The first episode will dig into the Cigarette Smoking Man's (William B. Davis) backstory and his apparent family ties to Mulder, while the second will find the series jumping ahead in time in order to put a little distance between our agents and the events of the premiere. We'll also get a "darkly comedic" third episode, written by Chris Carter, which will focus on doubles and doppelgängers. Haven't we done this already? And wasn't it terrible? Also explored will be Monica Reyes' (Annabeth Gish) apparent alliance with the Cigarette Smoking Man, Barbara Hershey's mysterious new character, as well as some characters who only appear new, whatever that means. Chris Carter also teased that we'll get a "new angle" on Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi), adding that "Familiar alliances are rattled."

Are you looking forward to the return of The X-Files?

The new season of The X-Files is expected to debut in 2018.



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