First Look: James Franco in Rise of the Apes!

James Franco is a busy, busy man. In addition to his duties hosting the Oscars this weekend, he's also a nominee. He's rumored to be starring in about seven different films and he's got two films to promote this year. The medieval adventure-comedy YOUR HIGHNESS and RISE OF THE APES. While we've certainly brought you some info on YOUR HIGHNESS, we haven't seen anything official from RISE OF THE APES yet.

While you may have seen some paparazzi shots from the set, today we've got your first official look at James Franco from RISE OF THE APES. Franco stars as young scientist Will Rodman, who makes a breakthrough while studying the development of intelligence in apes. His subject, Caesar (played by Andy Serkis via mo-cap technology), is innocent enough at first but eventually launches a war for supremacy of the planet. (If you've seen any of the APES films, I think you know how that all turns out for the humans.)

RISE OF THE APES hits theaters this November and you can click on the photo below for a closer look.

Source: JoBlo.com



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