First Look trailer for The Russo brothers' Deadly Class is in session

After months of baiting fans with the promise of a true comic-to-page adaptation, SYFY has released a trailer for DEADLY CLASS, the upcoming comic book drama based on the popular Image Comic book series created by author Rick Remender and artist Wes Craig. Set in San Francisco's late '80s punk scene, the story focuses on Marcus Lopez, a homeless Nicaraguan teen who gets recruited for the school. His first decision as a student is to kill Ronald Reagan, and that's just the start of his off-the-wall assignments issued by an academy chock full of assassins, drug dealers, and heart-breakers. The thriller is described as a coming-of-age journey full of ancient mystery and teen angst.

When the bell rings for DEADLY CLASS, the show will be presented as a co-production between Sony Pictures Television Studios and Universal Cable Productions. Executive producing the series is the book's own co-creator Rick Remender, who will be joined by Miles Orion, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, and Mike Larocca (SPY) in bringing the gritty, drug-fueled assassin's tale to the small screen.

Meanwhile, Benedict Wong of DOCTOR STRANGE fame will serve as Master Lin, the devious leader of the school, with Benjamin Wadsworth (TEEN WOLF), Lana Condor (X-MEN: APOCALYPSE), Maria Gabriela de Faria (SITIADOS), Luke Tennie (SHOCK AND AWE), Liam James (THE KILLING) and Michel Duval (QUEEN OF THE SOUTH) each set to round out the program's main cast.

I've been a major fan of DEADLY CLASS since the very first issue arrived on stands in January of 2014. If the show is anything like the book, I can guarantee that when this baby hits 88 mph, you're going to see some serious shit. Be sure to keep it close for when the start date for DEADLY CLASS is officially announced. Until then, trust no one, not even those you love most.

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