First official still of John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe for The Raven

I am a fan of Cusack. I fall in love with the man over and over each time he puts out a film.

I'm hoping this is the case when THE RAVEN comes out. Sure, he'll be great, it's Cusack. In the beginning it was rumored that Joaquin Phoenix would fill the shoes of the writer with Jeremy Renner as police inspector Fields. Ewan McGregor's name was also once brought up as a possible Poe. Well, all of those actors eventually dropped the film then Cusack won the lead with Luke Evans as Fields.

The first official still of Cusack as Poe has surfaced online. He also posted a pic on twitter of himself in costume looking like my drunk uncle. On the 1st, he said this about one of the scenes, "did a scene last night where the poe we are dreaming is thrown out of a bar and stomped by a sailor... while being kicked in the gutter."

Extra Tidbit: Michael Sheen dressed up as Poe for Halloween this year. Not to show anyone up...
Source: Huffington Post



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