First photo of Vin Diesel from the set of Riddick

Via his Facebook page, actor Vin Diesel shared a photo of himself decked out in full Riddick gear. Wearing armor, cape, and his trademark goggles, the look seems consistent with the progression of the character.

From PITCH BLACK to THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK he gained new weapons and armor, much like you would when starting at the bare bones level of a video game, before you get all the magic swords and enchanted armor and a house in Whiterun. I’ll stop talking for a second so you can check out the image:

Looks pretty cool to me. I’m a fan of the Riddick films and I’m glad to see Vin Diesel back at it again, especially with the series director, David Twohy. We reported on some additional casting a while back, but I had no idea they were already filming.

I’ve got high hopes for this one. Seems like the all involved have their heads in the right place to make this a good flick.  No release date is set as of yet, but now that they're filming I'm sure the floodgates will open on new info.  Stay tuned.


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Source: Facebook



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