First poster for Jason Reitman's Young Adult is pretty in pink

People are complaining about this new poster for Jason Reitman's YOUNG ADULT because you can't see Charlize Theron and being passed out drunk isn't the most appealing pose for a star on a one-sheet, but I say screw that.

As someone who grew up with the Hardy Boys, the Boxcar Children and Bobbsey Twins and watched my sister read Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High, and the Babysitter's Club, I say this is dead on. They're going for a very particular style to evoke those books, and I say it's a great design. What, did you want a giant Charlize Theron head with a quirky handwritten title font or something?

Reitman's film reteams with with scripter Diablo Cody, and the movie follows a teen lit writer who returns to her hometown in an attempt to relive her glory days.

Extra Tidbit: Despite the fact that it's cool to hate both Megan Fox and Diablo Cody these days, I actually liked JENNIFER'S BODY.



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