First poster for Tom Clancy inspired Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit with Chris Pine hits the net

Ironically or purposefully, the first poster (and first promotional material outside some stills) has hit for the Tom Clancy inspired reboot of the Jack Ryan character, JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT. This is also the first time we've heard the new title, which was formerly just JACK RYAN and then rumored to be JACK RYAN: SHADOW ONE. Either way, we got "shadow" in there. The poster comes on the heels of the sad news of Tom Clancy's death and is likely a way of paying tribute to the late author. It's a cool teaser for the Kenneth Branagh directed film, which is due this December, but rumor has it that may change.

See the shadow:

Here's the synopsis:

Jack Ryan, as a young covert CIA analyst, uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack.

This film has a lot going for it. For one, the name. Jack Ryan is a brand character and has been established exceptionally well in various formats and Chris Pine is a fine candidate to take on that mantle. It also has Kevin Coster as a badass CIA agent. That alone is almost worth the price of admission. Then, there's Branagh directing and starring as the villain. The cherry on top is Keira Knightley as the love interest. This is coming up "win" across the board for me.

JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT is currently slated for December 25, 2013 (but, be prepared for a possible shift).

Extra Tidbit: When it comes to Clancy's film adaptations, I'm dying to see Without Remorse. A dream scenario would be John McTiernan directing with someone like Tom Hardy as the lead. What Clancy property would you like to see adapted?
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