First Priest footage comes in a behind-the-scenes special

I've no idea what the hell PRIEST is going to end up being like, but I'll be damned if it’s not entertaining to watch a serious interview with Paul Bettany when he has a giant red cross stamped on his face.

ET Canada (which apparently exists) got a behind the scenes look at PRIEST, and this clip shows some footage from the set along with interviews with Bettany, Stephen Moyer and Cam Gigandet.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this many people typecast in one film before, as Bettany is back as yet another holy warrior and Moyer and Gigandet are once again sucking blood out of people. I’m also curious as to why Paul Bettany appears to be using a Batman voice for his character, but maybe he was filming a scene where he has a cold.

Check out the footage below:

Extra Tidbit: I'd kind of laugh if Bettany was actually an atheist in real life after filming PRIEST, LEGION, DA VINCI and CREATION.
Source: ET



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