First real look at Stranger Things season 2 and teaser debut date

STRANGER THINGS was like a check-list of things I love: Dungeons and Dragons, teen movies, Cronenberg-esque horror, and badass super powers. So it's no wonder I was enamoured by it, but it's heartening to know that others felt the same way, paving the way for a second season on Netflix.

And now Entertainment Weekly has its first look at the show:

Admittedly, it's not much. But it does confirm the year (1984 is when GHOSTBUSTERS came out, and that's a year after the first season was set), and also that at least a part of it will probably be set during Halloween. Also, it's more STRANGER THINGS! Woooo!!!

We've also got confirmation on when we'll see the first teaser for this thing. Spoiler: it's the Super Bowl. So I guess I will have to watch grown men throw balls around and try to make home runs or some such nonsense. Or I could probably just wait for it to show up online.

As for what to expect from this season, executive producer Shawn Levy had this to say:

The demogorgon was destroyed, but evil wasn’t.


Meanwhile STRANGER THINGS season 2 will begin streaming on Netflix not soon enough.

Extra Tidbit: When pitching the show, executives told creators the Duffer Brothers to either focus on the adult story, or the kid's story, but not *both*. Obviously, judging by the show, the brothers basically told those people to f*ck off.
Source: EW



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