First Suspiria clip gives an unsettling taste of what's to come

SUSPIRIA director Luca Guadagnino did an interview recently where he said he wants the movie to be “the most disturbing experience you can have.” It will be about two months before we get to see if the movie is as truly disturbing as he wanted it to be, but for now, Amazon has released the first clip from the movie and it is, indeed, deeply unsettling. After watching this I now have a fear that I’m going to look over my shoulder and see Tilda Swinton watching me intensely, unblinking, and it’s pretty much my nightmare.

In the clip, Swinton asks Dakota Johnson’s Susie to do an improvised dance, and what follows is her writhing on the ground in a way that seems inhuman. We don’t see that at first, though, but rather her instructors hovering around her, watching her moves, which matched with the visuals of Johnson’s body contorting is rather unnerving. Then it ends on a more bluntly creepy note, with a monstrous hand coming up from a lower floor and seeming to influence her dance.

The movie doesn’t come out for another two months, but it will have its premiere at the Venice International Film Festival this Saturday, which is when we are likely to hear the first hot takes on the movie. If nothing else the movie will be a nightmarish exploration into the macabre, and if the clip any representation of the movie then the final product will probably mess everyone up for quite a bit. 

SUSPIRIA is in theaters November 2.

Source: Amazon Studios



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