First Tekken trailer punches Legend of Chun Li in the face

Since it's mandatory for at least ONE awful movie based on a fighting video game to come out every year, in 2010 we have TEKKEN, and though I can’t imagine it being worthwhile, judging from this debut trailer, it does look a hell of a lot better than THE LEGEND OF CHUN LI or DEAD OR ALIVE.

The plot of the video game is pretty batshit insane most of the time, which each character having their own nonsensical storyline, but it’s all based around the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, demonstrated here as a cross between costumed professional wrestling and UFC octagon fights but pumped full of high flying, fast-paced choreography.

I maintain that it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to make a good movie out of a fighting game, which all have plots fractured into twenty or so pieces, so they least they can do is just make a few badass fight scenes and some cool real-life representations of classic characters. TEKKEN looks like it’s on that kind of track (props to making it’s asian characters ACTUALLY ASIAN) and we’ll see if it can deliver a connecting blow when (if?) it hits theaters.

Extra Tidbit: The only fighting game I think could be an actually good movie is SOUL CALIBUR.
Source: JoBlo



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