First The Nutcracker trailer teases a visually impressive adaptation

You may remember The Nutcracker best as one of those plays you most likely had to sit through (or perform in) in school as part of the yearly holiday celebrations. If not, perhaps you have memories running away from the creepy wooden dolls in terror, having no idea why their jaws come unhinged (No? Just me?). If the story is all but new to you, then prepare for an epic introduction with THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR REALMS, a brand new, expensive movie adaptation of the 1816 story (turned into a famous play in 1892) starring Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Mackenzie Foy and Morgan Freeman as the wise old man. Like other Disney live-action films like ALICE IN WONDERLAND, THE NUTCRACKER finds a young girl whisked away to a magical realm, which will soon be terrorized by dark forces and, most likely, an army of creepy wooden men who can crunch your finger if you put yours in their mouth because your brother told you too. 

The Nutcracker story hasn't always had the best luck at the movies. The last major film version, THE NUTCRACKER IN 3D starring Elle Fanning, John Turturro, Nathan Lane and more was a box office disaster, and there haven't been many other attempts outside the realm of straight-to-DVD animated movies. But this effort from Lasse Halstrom looks to amaze, and will probably have a better shot at bringing in audiences with the Disney banner at its back. Coming out next November will make it prime alternative content for families not wanting to see the new X-MEN movie, so THE NUTCRACKER may finally crack the blockbuster nut yet. See what I did there?

THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR REALMS arrives November 2, 2018.


Source: Disney



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