First trailer for Brawl in Cell Block 99 finds Vince Vaughn beating up a car

Vince Vaughn doesn't always get the chance to play a bad-ass, but he'll be doing just that in the upcoming BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99, and nothing shouts bad-ass quite like beating the shit out of a poor defenseless car. How could you, Vince?! Written and directed by S. Craig Zahler, who also delivered the surprisingly awesome BONE TOMAHAWK, the upcoming action-thriller stars Vince Vaughn as Bradley Thomas, a former boxer who finds himself in prison after a drug deal goes sideways. The first trailer for BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99 has been released, as seen above, and I can only hope that they're holding back on the brawlin' in order to preserve some surprises. Vince Vaughn beating the shit out of people in prison, with Don Johnson thrown in for good measure? I'd watch that.

BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99 will make its debut at the 2017 Venice International Film Festival, before continuing on to the Toronto International Film Festival as well as Fantastic Fest. In addition to Vince Vaughn (HACKSAW RIDGE), BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99 also stars Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter), Marc Blucas (Underground), Udo Kier (IRON SKY), and Don Johnson (DJANGO UNCHAINED). Much like BONE TOMAHAWK, it feels as though it has the potential to be something awesome, as well as a good vehicle for Vince Vaughn to showcase something a little different.

The official synopsis for BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99:

A former boxer named Bradley loses his job as an auto mechanic, and his troubled marriage is about to expire.  At this crossroads in his life, he feels that he has no better option than to work for an old buddy as a drug courier.  This vocation improves his situation until the terrible day that he finds himself in a gunfight between a group of police officers and his own ruthless allies.  When the smoke clears, Bradley is badly hurt and thrown in prison, where his enemies force him to commit acts of violence that turn the place into a savage battleground.

BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99 is set for an October 6, 2017 release and will hit VOD and Digital HD on October 13, 2017.

Source: RLJE Films



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