First trailer for Clint Eastwood's 15:17 to Paris showcases real heroes

AMERICAN SNIPER was big, all-American, crowd-pleasing, unexpected smash hit when it landed three years ago, becoming the biggest movie at the domestic box office that year. Now Clint Eastwood is continuing to tell the stories of American heroes with his latest film 15:17 TO PARIS, which recounts the actions of Spencer Stone, Alex Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler when they thwarted a terrorist attack on the way to Paris via train. Starring the real men who risked their lives that day, the trailer shows how the movie will expand on their story by going back to when the soldiers were kids, detailing how their lives had been leading up to their heroic moment. Watch the trailer above!

Though some people had hoped the movie would be out in time for awards season news dropped the movie would be out this February instead. Eastwood also released another film about an American hero with SULLY not too long ago, which was also a critical and financial success. That and SNIPER also had the benefit of starring two of America's more popular actors, so I don't know if 15:17 will achieve the same heights. Eastwood is doing something quite different here by having the men play themselves in the flick, so if you're looking for an accurate account of what happened this will be about as realistic as it gets.  

15:17 TO PARIS is slated for February 9, 2018.

Source: Warner Bros.



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