First trailer for Coco takes you on a journey of music & dead people

Music is a powerful device, so powerful in fact that it can transport you to another world. The newest Pixar movie, COCO, takes that literally by telling the story of a boy named Miguel who, in an effort to prove his musical talents to his music-hating family, is transported to the Land of the Dead. The first trailer has just dropped and along with all the tenderness we see a lot of guitar playing, dead folks and puppy action.

What with Pixar working on a ton of sequels it’s refreshing to know they’re still cranking out original movies like this and INSIDE OUT. The studio is at their best when they’re telling unique, passionate stories, and COCO seems right up that alley. I can already feel this movie tugging on my heartstrings like the strings of a guitar. And yes, I will be sending that into Pixar’s Hallmark cards division.

Go on a journey of music and dead things on November 22.

Source: Pixar



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