First trailer for David Fincher's serial killer show Mindhunter is here

When it comes to movies about serial killers the killing and horror usually takes the front seat. Those are the fun bits after all. David Fincher does things differently though, as we saw in ZODIAC and SEVEN, and he will bring that unique perspective to a new Netflix series – MINDHUNTER. The series revolves around FBI agents attempting to learn more about serial killers by interviewing them in prisons, hoping to get insight into their actions. The first trailer is here, and it features plenty of intrigue and convicted killers.

Fincher directed episodes of the show, as did Asif Kapadia (AMY, SENNA), Tobias Lindholm (A WAR) and Andrew Douglas (THE AMITYVILLE HORROR). Fincher also executive producing the show along with Joshua Donen (GONE GIRL), Cean Chaffin (GONE GIRL, FIGHT CLUB) and Charlize Theron.  The show itself looks enticing and brooding, and the focus is put on exploring the inner workings of serial killers is a fascinating angle for a crime drama like this, and it could be the next addictive new show on the streaming service.

MINDHUNTER debuts on Netflix on October 13.

Source: Netflix
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