First trailer for Goat starring Nick Jonas showcases the horror of frats

I, like many people who are not in a frat, do not like frats. I get the whole "let's get a bunch of dudes together and do dude things and that will somehow increase our status in the world" bit, but other than that I don't understand why young men would go through such personal degredation and humiliation just to make getting laid a little easier. And don't say it's a camaraderie thing, because I'm sure there are plenty of guys who have no problem simply playing video games or going to the movies without having to stick hot sauce up each others ass. And after watching the first trailer for the movie GOAT, a movie about the horrors, psychological and physical, of frat hazing, I think a lot more people will come to my side. Take a look.

See what I mean? Who would want to go through that just for a slight, temporary uptick in status? Can't just join a band or something? Anyway, I am quite interested to see this movie, if not only for its content, but also its great reception so far. This is the kind of movie that looks like it would be easy to mess up if you weren't 100 percent committed to tackling the grim reality of the subject matter, and it looks like film will do just that.

The movie stars Nick Jonas, Ben Schnetzer and James Franco (jeez, where's that guy been, ami'right?) and opens September 23.

Source: YouTube



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