First trailer for remake of Roots arrives

ABC's miniseries ROOTS has had a lasting impact on me throughout my life. Having watched it as part of a school project back in the 5th grade, ROOTS taught me understanding and respect for the emotional journey of blacks through generations, as they were forced into slavery and made a part of one of the truly dark marks in American history. I imagine I'm not the only one who the series connected with as the original airing of ROOTS was a television phenomenom, still holding the record as the third highest rated episode for any type of television series, and the second most watched overall series finale in U.S. television history.

This summer, Alex Haley's ROOTS is coming back, remade for airing on A&E, The History Channel and Lifetime, and it certainly has a much more cinematic look than the 1977 original. But will it hold up as well emotionally as that first take on the material? From the look of this first trailer released early today, I believe so.

ROOTS premieres on Monday, May 30.



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