First trailer for the Game of Thrones RPG

While there's already a real-time-strategy game based on "A Game of Thrones" available on PC ("Genesis"), one of the more anticipated games of next year is the upcoming RPG title, simply called A GAME OF THRONES. Cyanide Studio is behind both games and Atlus will be distributing the RPG for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

The story is unique, and has been crafted under the watchful eyes of George RR Martin. it will focus on two former soldiers of Robert's Rebellion that have made different choices in life. You can expect to visit lots of familiar locations from the book and show (The Wall, King's Landing, Riverspring) as well as meet some of the characters. One actor from the show, James Cosmo, who plays Lord Commander Jeor Mormout, has been confirmed to lend his considerable vocal talents to the game.

Winter is coming, so here's the first full trailer of the game.

What do you folks think- is this enough to pull you away from SKYRIM when it hits early next year?

Source: Official site



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