First True Detective season three footage teases a horrifying crime

For anyone out there who felt unsure about how TRUE DETECTIVE season three would turn out after the so-so quality of season two, fret not, for Mahershala Ali has this handled. The first teaser of the is all about the Oscar winner investigating a malicious crime and finding himself going deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness, and it looks stupendous.

The show is set in Arkansas and will take place over three different time periods in Arkansas, and this season’s episodes will be directed by series creator Nic Pizzolatto, Daniel Sackheim and GREEN ROOM’s Jeremy Saulnier (who bowed out of directing more episodes). We also get a glimpse at the season’s other cast members, including Carmen Ejogo, Scoot McNairy, and Stephen Dorff. The overall tone seems quite grim, as is to be expected in any real true crime story worth its salt (and blood), and we get glimpses of Ali in his old age reflecting on the dark deeds.

The teaser is fantastic, and I love they’re clearly making Ali the center of it all rather than several people like in the previous seasons. What it will gain from that is a tighter focus and less confusion, and I’m now throwing it out there this could be the best season yet.

TRUE DETECTIVE returns January 2019.

Source: HBO



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