Flash gameplay trailer released for upcoming DC fighting game Injustice 2

I remember playing INJUSTICE at Comic-Con before it came out, picking Batman and whomping on some guy playing Superman. The controls were responsive, animations fluid, and it was just plain fun to play. I ended up playing it more once my friend bought it, but that first match might've been a fluke, as I constantly got my ass kicked afterward. But you know what? It was still fun as hell. While the story and costumes kind of sucked, the gameplay was amazing. The moves were cool and easy to pull off, the environments were interactive, and - come on - you're playing as DC characters beating the shit out of each other (even if it wasn't the first DC fighting game). What's not to love?

This brings us to the upcoming INJUSTICE 2 game, which looks to have the same pros and cons as the original. Bulky, overly busy costumes (and people complain about Snyder) and a really, really dumb story. But this gameplay trailer for Flash shows that the game is really about the fighting. Let's take a look:

...did Flash just go back in time and throw Gorilla Grodd into the face of a dinosaur? Because, holy shit, I need this game yesterday. And if I had Flash's powers, I could! Damn.

Anyway, INJUSTICE 2 will race to consoles May 16th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: It's shit like this that makes me think speedsters might be too over-powered.
Source: YouTube



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