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Many of you have emailed me over the years, asking for this addition to the site, so here you go! As you know, we like to post a "daily JoBlo.com blurb" in the dialogue balloon above our logo every day, and some of you wanted to toss your 2 cents under them, so now's your chance. If you're already a member of our MovieFanCentral community, just "be-friend" the member named JoBlo.com Blurb of the Day (we're not telling how we came up with that name) and you will see the latest blurb pop up on your MFC home page, when it's updated every night at midnight. You can also access the "archived" blurbs in that profile as well.

And if you've ever wanted to send us your own suggestions for the daily blurb, we are open to all ideas but please make sure they're no longer than 5 words. You can post them on the JoBlo.com Blurb of the Day wall (click on the WALL COMMENTS tab on that profile page) or just email them to me directly. You can always access that profile page, simply by clicking on the blurb itself on any page on JoBlo.com. Enjoy!

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