Ford on more Indy

I'm not sure I could handle another embarrassing adventure of our beloved aged archaeologist Indiana Jones (and/or his newly discovered offspring), but as Stephen Colbert would say, the marketplace has spoken (to the tune of nearly $800 million in worldwide box office, and many more millions with the impending DVD release). So unsurprisingly, another INDIANA JONES movie is being considered.

Harrison Ford talked to the LA Times about another possible sequel, mentioning that "George [Lucas] is in think mode right now," coming up with ideas for further eye-rolling antics of the creaky hero and his clan. I doubt I'm the only one thinking it, but the notion of Lucas being the creative force behind another INDY does not incite optimism.

After a nearly two-decade absence from being under the felt fedora (a time filled with numerous film duds), Ford seems receptive (if a bit mercenary) to reprising the role, stating that because KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL has "done well and been a positive experience, it's not surprising that some people want to do it again."

Ford would not, however, be keen on associating himself with animated adventures of INDY, saying "I'd hate to see it reduced in any way from the movies that we have done and the way we have done them."

Extra Tidbit: I leave it to you to provide commentary on that last statement...
Source: LA Times



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