Former Batman Adam West to guest-star on NBC's DC superhero sitcom Powerless

It's good to hear that POWERLESS is getting some critical praise, as I've always loved the premise of seeing the DC universe through the eyes of normal people. It's not unanimously praised, of course, but some of the trailers were pretty iffy, so I'm just glad it's not a complete trainwreck.

Now, while people have been claiming that its "DC's first comedy" (people, meaning NBC marketing), that's not entirely true as executive producers Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern point out, "POWERLESS is billed as DC’s first comedy, but we’ll always view Mr. West as the founding father of comedy in the DC Universe, thanks to his work in the original Batman television series. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a living legend."

That's right, Batman himself Adam West will be guest-starring on a new episode of POWERLESS! But he won't be playing the Bat himself, unfortunately. He'll instead be playing a character named Dean West, chairman of Wayne Industries. Here's the official synopsis:

Gotham comes to Charm City when the iconic Adam West, who played the role of Batman on television in the Sixties, guest stars in an upcoming episode of Powerless as Dean West, chairman of Wayne Industries. Following an attack on Gotham City, Wayne Industries has to make some cuts and Mr. West visits Charm City to deliver the bad news to Van and Emily. Will the dynamic duo of Van and Emily be able to save the team at Wayne Security, or are our Charm City Heroes destined for the unemployment line?

Honestly, we could always go with more Adam West in our lives. Maybe he can be DCEU's answer to Stan Lee?

Anyway, POWERLESS will air Thursday on NBC after SUPERSTORE. 

Extra Tidbit: I have found a much greater appreciation for '60s BATMAN as I've gotten older and seeing it as the comedy it is.
Source: NBC



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