Forster develops Manuscript for DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio isn't going to just sit back and let Matt Damon have all the Robert Ludlum love, oh no. While Damon had considerable success with Ludlum's Bourne trilogy, DiCaprio wants in on this action and when he sees something he wants, he just has one of his people go up and say, "Leo would like to speak with you" (and because most people don't blow off Leo, he usually gets what he wants). Case in point: DiCaprio has been developing THE CHANCELLOR MANUSCRIPT at Paramount and he's found the director he wants.

Marc Forster, who last directed the spy-heavy world of James Bond in QUANTUM OF SOLACE, is attached to direct MANUSCRIPT for DiCaprio and Paramount. Back in 2005 the studio paid $4 million for the rights to the thriller and currently has hired Peter O'Brien to write a new draft (previous scripts will seemingly be chucked while Forster oversees this version). The film follows Peter Chancellor (DiCaprio), an author who turns in a manuscript of his latest novel that some in Washington DC feel is awfully close to real blackmail and corruption in the US government. Cause yeah, a lot of writers look like Leonardo DiCaprio....

DiCaprio can be seen next this summer in INCEPTION and he'll be narrating the upcoming documentary HUBBLE 3D.

Extra Tidbit: Match in the gas tank, boom boom!
Source: Variety



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