Foundation is built

Are there still enough non-superhero comics out there to adapt into movies? Hell yes! But with all the supernatural stuff and secret societies having been sufficiently covered, what's left? How about... Nostradamus?

That's the idea behind THE FOUNDATION, the impending comic from Boom! Studios that Paramount has decided merits your 10 bananas at the box office. In the series (not to be confused with Isaac Asimov's famed sci-fi books), Nostradamus' written prophesies made him rich, and he used the collected cash to form a secret foundation to prevent the unpublished disasters -- and they're still at work today. I think they might've missed a couple... oops.

This makes three Boom! comics in the works for feature treatment, along with the horror tale TAG and the mystery TALENT already in process. Boom! co-honcho Andy Cosby's charming Sci-Fi Channel series EUREKA starts its second season next month.
Extra Tidbit: BATTLEFIELD EARTH virtuoso Roger Christian directed a 1994 NOSTRADAMUS movie with KISS OF THE DRAGON villain Tcheky Karyo as the titular predictor.



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