Four join Invention

Hottie Camilla Belle, Craig Robinson, Johnny Knoxville and Heather Graham have joined Kevin Spacey in the upcoming comedy, FATHER OF INVENTION.

In the film, a humble inventor-turned-egomaniacal billionaire (Spacey) spends time behind bars when one of his inventions goes awry. Upon release, he is seeks to rebuild his reputation and fortune but finds that easier than salvaging his relationship with his family. Robinson will play the husband of the former billionaire's ex-wife, Belle will play his daughter, while Graham is her lesbian roommate who sleeps with the father. Knoxville will play a store manager who hires Spacey's character after his prison stint.

This is why Heather Graham owns Jessica Biel. While Biel is busy bitching about how she is too sexy to get the quality roles she wants, Graham just accepts that shit. Yes she is hot. Yes she has the kind of cleavage small children could get lost in. Yes, she will be cast as the "chick who gets laid" in every movie. That's the hand you were dealt and you've gotta run with that. You don't see me complaining that I'm too charming. Let's celebrate that hand, shall we?

Source: THR



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