Four-minute Guardians trailer proves everything truly is bigger in Russia

I've actually been looking forward to the Russian film GUARDIANS for a while now. It just looks so f*cking bonkers and awesome! Like, this is what I imagine a movie would look like if a five-year old was hopped up on comic books and Red Bull and forced to write a script. And that's not an insult! This seems to just be balls-to-the-wall badass, with little regard for anything else. I mean, there's a giant Bear-Man SHOOTING HELICOPTERS WITH A MINI-GUN! How can you not love it?

To be fair, there is a plot, and it's probably overly-convoluted and over-stuffed - especially judging by this new trailer. But that's not necessarily a detriment. When you hear a movie contains a Bear-Man destroying an army with a giant mini-gun, plot isn't the reason why your butt is in the theater.

Anyway, here's the new trailer:

Again, I'm all in. And, honestly, the story sounds cool. A secret cabal of heroes created to protect the Soviet Union, disbanded after its fall, and are now called back in for a new threat? It brings a different tenor to the proceedings (do they feel remorse working for the prior government? Or even more interestingly, does the film glorify that era?) I think it's always good to see that heroes exist on both sides of a political conflict, although, again, I'm not sure if the film glorifies the politics of Cold War Russia (which seems to be backstory anyway), but I'm still interested to see how they handle that context.

But who gives a shit about politics, story, or context. A Bear-Man shot down helicopters with a f*cking mini-gun! Come on! They've already sold at least one ticket. Although, hopefully they have a showing with subtitles, because that dubbing suuucks (though, even if I understand the hard work that goes into it, I'm not a big fan of dubbing in general. Not even from Studio Ghibli).

So what about you guys? You guys excited like I am? Or do you not like having joy in your life?

Extra Tidbit: GUARDIANS is a big-budget Russian film coming to the US that somehow wasn't directed by Timur Bekmambetov.
Source: YouTube



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