Four new Spider-Man: Homecoming clips swing in!

Look, I love this job (especially the money, power, and women). But like any job, there are some downsides. One of the biggest downsides is being being inundated by a barrage of clips and trailers that I would otherwise skip in my personal life, so as to avoid spoilers (since trailers by their very nature try to sell you on the best scenes, meaning many times reveals and twists are shown in marketing). Having said all that, here are four new clips from the upcoming SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING film. If you want to see the movie before actually seeing the movie, you can view them down below:

Now, I've said before that I'm not clamouring for the new sequel, but I'm still probably going to it at some point (I mean, come on, it's Spider-Man!) I'm also sure it will be fun and affable...my fear is it probably won't be anything more than that. However, I'm willing to be proven wrong!

But what about you Schmoes? You down for SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING? And did these clips help shape your opinion? Either way, SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING will swing into theaters July 7th.

Extra Tidbit: I hope that we'll see Tom Holland's Spider-Man take on Tom Hardy's Venom at some point.
Source: YouTube



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