Four new The Mummy clips unleashed ahead of the release

So THE MUMMY is finally coming out a week from now, and we'll finally see if Universal's "DARK UNIVERSE" has legs or not. Though honestly, unless this thing makes $3 at the box-office, I doubt they'll cut and run entirely. I think we'll get a movie or two out of it at least (hell, even the AMAZING SPIDER-VERSE got two movies).

Anyway, to try and whet our appetites, the studio has released four new clips from the upcoming horror (action?) film. Enjoy:

Honestly, all the clips are just extended scenes we've seen countless times in the various trailers and TV spots. However, the first clip at least shows off how this version of the Egyption god Set will look. And while he looks undeniably goofy, he at least a) looks practical and b) his weird movements can't help but be a bit unnerving. Also - bad effect or not - it's the first thing that finally looks interesting in this film, and if there are promises of more "wtf" creature designs like that, I might enjoy the film on kitsch factor alone. Because, otherwise, everything else looks too generic to get too worked up about.

Either way, you can see THE MUMMY for yourself (or not) June 9th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Are they gonna pull the "bad guy got caught on purpose" shit on this movie too?
Source: YouTube



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