Fox has had preliminary discussions about reviving King of the Hill

King of the Hill

I wasn't a big fan of King of the Hill at first. When compared to the faster paced humour of The Simpsons, South Park, or even Family Guy, it didn't seem nearly as exciting, but it was never meant to be, and as the years went on and my appreciation for the series grew and grew, I came to realize that creators Mike Judge (Silicon Valley) and Greg Daniels (Parks and Recreation) had achieved something very special with King of the Hill. Despite running for thirteen seasons and airing over 250 episodes, I don't believe that King of the Hill ever got the attention that it deserved, but there's a chance, a small one, that we could be getting more Hank Hill in our lives.

During the Television Critics Association press-tour, Fox Television CEO Dana Walden told reporters that they have had "preliminary conversations" with Greg Daniels and Mike Judge about reviving the series.

We had very preliminary conversations. Given what’s going on in the country, I think they have a point of view how those characters would respond, but again, it was one meeting and I hope to revisit it. The meeting was probably two months ago, two and a half months ago. They’re both very busy and it was really just a first exploratory, ‘Are you excited about this? Is there potential in a future?’ and they were both excited about it, but they’re working on a lot of different things individually so it’s about finding time.

As Walden mentioned, both Daniels and Judge are quite busy with other projects, so they may simply not have the time to invest in a proper revival of King of the Hill, but it's intriguing to know that they are interested in revisiting the series. A great deal has changed in the world since King of the Hill aired its final episode in 2009, and it'd be fun to see just what Hank, Peggy, Bobby, Bill, Dale, Boomhauer, and the rest would have to say about it. However, as much fun as it would be to see the whole gang return, part of me feels as though the series wrapped up quite nicely the first time around, and, with the tragic death of Brittany Murphy, who voiced Luanne, it might feel as though it's missing some of that King of the Hill magic.

What do you folks think? Would you be open to a revival of King of the Hill?

Source: EW



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