Fox looking to bring back 24 but Jack Bauer won't be putting in a full day at work


Back in March director Antoine Fuqua declared that the 24 movie was dead but it looks like Jack Bauer still might live to see and fight for another day. Or at least for most of a day.

There was some rumors earlier today that Fox was looking to bring back 24 for a limited run but EW has now confirmed that the rumors are indeed true. Part of the reason why the 24 movie was killed was due to Kiefer Sutherland being busy with his show Touch. Well it appears Touch won't be coming back for another season and Sutherland is going to have some free time on his hands so it looks like a good time to sign Sutherland up for another run as Jack Bauer.

EW says that Fox is interested in ordering thirteen episodes of 24 so the question is will the show still be shown in real time but for just thirteen hours or will that method be scrapped completely for the new episodes? 24 was one of those shows I never got a chance to sit down and follow so I really don't have an opinion on if a limited run is a good idea or not. I know there are a lot of  fans of the show out there that were bummed when the movie was killed though so hopefully knowing there's a chance that Jack Bauer will be back brings them some joy. It is something an Arrested Development fan can definitely relate to.

Extra Tidbit: 24 fans: would you rather have a movie or a miniseries? Or should it stay dead?



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