Fox sets Epoch Index with director Brad Peyton and producer Matt Reeves

After battling it out with five other studios, Fox has landed a deal to present EPOCH INDEX, a film project based on the short story written by Christian Cantrell. Now that they've secured the rights to distribute the property, Fox has eagerly tasked RAMPAGE and SAN ANDREAS director Brad Peyton with helming the film, who will work from a script penned by Justin Rhodes (TERMINATOR, FANTASTIC VOYAGE). Joining both Peyton and Rhodes when bringing Cantrell's novella to life on screen will be THE BATMAN helmer Matt Reeves, who will produce via his 6th and Idaho studio. Reeves will then be joined by Peyton's producing partner Jeff Fierson, who will work alongside the WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES director on the cinematic endeavor.

EPOCH INDEX, a 36-page novella published in 2010, tells of what happens when a CIA analyst is tasked with tracking down a flashy assassin whose targets are seemingly random. Connected only by a series of numbered tags left on each victim, Quinn Mitchell comes to a mind-boggling discovery: the targets are being sent to the assassin from the future – by her.


Recently, it was announced that Peyton's over-the-top action flick RAMPAGE starring Dwayne Johnson would arrive in theaters one week ahead of schedule, in an effort to avoid too much overlap with Marvel's AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. A smart move if you ask me, though its crazy to think of how much sway comic book movies hold on the box office, these days.

With RAMPAGE about to hit theaters on April 13th, work on EPOCH INDEX is expected to ramp up in the coming months. Be sure to check back for when more news regarding Cantrell's assassination thriller emerges from the shadows. 



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