Fox wants James Cameron and Sam Worthington to make a huge sci-fi movie that isn't an Avatar sequel

After the box office domination of AVATAR, it's no surprise Fox wants another sci-fi epic.

Who better to chase than Sam Worthington and James Cameron, two of the guys who made the reigning moneymaking movie? How about another ticket-selling machine, TRANSFORMERS producer Lorenzo di Boniventura?

Not enough? Then how about... um, Will Staples, a writer on the CALL OF DUTY video games?

Apparently Staples has an idea called MYTH that the studio and (presumably) the filmmakers went bonkers for. In fact, it's so juicy that nobody can talk about it -- Heat Vision says "Nothing is known about MYTH other than it’s big, it’s sci-fi, and it’s got lots of action."

So how did Staples (who also has several scripts in circulation) draw the attention of such top-shelf talent? We could make the leap that he and Worthington got chummy on the recent CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS, in which the actor voiced the lead character.

If or when MYTH would actually happen with these people (UPDATE: they are all only attached in producer capacities at this stage) is the biggest question -- Cameron and Worthington will most likely be on (or around) Pandora for the next few years making AVATAR sequels, and the director could move on to BATTLE ANGEL after that.

Extra Tidbit: Worthington obviously has his eye to the sky -- he's also been attached to an untitled space war movie, a sci-fi version of fictional hunter Allan Quatermain, and an adaptation of spacefaring comic hero Dan Dare. Guy loves him some outer space.
Source: THR



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