Fox's Lethal Weapon pilot finally chooses its Riggs

Out of the way, Mel Gibson... There's a new Riggs in the world of LETHAL WEAPON.

Clayne Crawford, who has been seen on both RECTIFY and 24, has landed the role of Martin Riggs for Fox's LETHAL WEAPON television series pilot. Crawford will take the role popularized by Gibson in the LETHAL WEAPON film franchise, that of a loose cannon former Navy SEAL trying to start anew (in Los Angeles) while contending with a death wish after suffering a devasting loss. Crawford will be partnering up with the previously announced Damon Wayans, who will play Roger Murtaugh, a cop trying to avoid stress after a recent heart attack. It's a match made in hell for them, at first, that was one made in heaven for the viewing audience.

If Crawford can find the right amount of crazy for this dynamic to work, then LETHAL WEAPON has a shot to go from pilot to series and perhaps find an audience. But he does have to contend with the fact that Mel Gibson once owned this role, so he's going to have to make it his own somehow while still making this thing feel familiar to LETHAL WEAPON. It's a delicate balance these types of projects needs to find, but they need to land in that sweet spot or a disastrous response from audiences usually awaits.



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