Foxx, Butler abide Law

Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler have signed on to star in the next film from writer/director Frank Darabont, the psychological thriller LAW ABIDING CITIZEN. In the film Butler will star as a successful DA who becomes the target of revenge by a man (Foxx) who feels victimized by the legal system when his family's murderers are set free. Darabont, who was famously and unfairly jettisoned INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL (read his Lucas rejected script here), co-wrote the script for CITIZEN with Kurt Wimmer (STREET KINGS, EQUILIBRIUM). Darabont has had many projects in the works lately including FAHRENHEIT 451, an adaptation of Stephen King's "The Long Walk," and a draft of FRANKENSTEIN that Guillermo del Toro said he would "kill" to direct. Butler can be seen this month in ROCKNROLLA and next year in THE GAME while Jamie Foxx has Oscar on his mind in this November's drama THE SOLOIST. CITIZEN is expected to begin filming this fall in Philadelphia.

Extra Tidbit: Foxx is only one of 11 actors in Oscar history to be nominated for Best Supporting and Lead Acting awards in the same year.
Source: THR



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