Foxx on Tyson

Jamie Foxx lost a ton of weight for his Oscar winning performance as Ray Charles, but now, he's going to have to pack it on. Hard.

Foxx recently talked to MTV about his next project, a Mike Tyson biopic, which would reunite him with his RAY director, Taylor Hackford. This film has been rumored for a long, long time now, but now Foxx is confirming it as a for-sure deal with all parties on board.

“Mike Tyson, heavyweight boxing champion of the world," Foxx grinned when we caught up with him recently, giving us a lispy, high-pitched sneak peek at his next transformation. "Taylor Hackford, who also directed [the] Ray Charles [biopic], I think is my man. We have a certain kinship, and we've talked about when we do get back together what it would be like. I think, for something like this, it would be great because everybody remembers that era. And it's been a long enough time that people need a refreshening."

I would say Fox most definitely looks the part, but I want to hear his Tyson voice firsthand before I make any further judgments. Foxx has already talked to Tyson about the idea, who is of course into it, because what else does the man have going on these days?

Mike Tyson does have an absolutely absurd life story, which I think would make for an excellent film, especially with Foxx and Hackford on board. My only question is this, will the climax of the film be his appearance in THE HANGOVER? You can’t have a much better ending to your movie than punching out Zach Galifianakis with a tiger in the background.

Extra Tidbit: I'm just looking forward to seeing the whole thought process behind the face tattoo.
Source: MTV



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