Foxx reads the Leaves

Jamie Foxx has yet to find the perfect follow-up role to his Academy Award winning performance in RAY. There's been some decent work (MIAMI VICE), some not so good work (DREAMGIRLS) and then STEALTH. If I were the dude's agent, I'd make sure he's got some quality roles in some quality movies post haste. Well before those words even came out of my mouth do we hear about a project that could be prime Oscar bait. Foxx has signed on to star in BLOOD ON THE LEAVES, a legal drama (always good for Oscars) about the civil rights movement (ooh, even better!). Specifically Foxx will play a lawyer struggles with feelings of guilt and revenge while forced to prosecute a black professor on trial for killing white men accused of crimes against blacks in the 1960s. George C. Wolfe ("Lackawanna Blues") will direct the film based on the novel by Jeffrey Stetson. Foxx can be seen next this fall in THE KINGDOM alongside Jennifer Garner.

Extra Tidbit: Why does my Sirius radio credit Jamie Foxx as being featured on Snoop Dogg's "Who Am I?"?



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